About - Ella P. Photography



Hi, my name is Manuela "Ella" and I write and speak with a German accent. Try to read this with one :).

I am a mom of two busy boys and love every minute of it.

I am a neat freak in my heart, but in reality I am a Photoshop ninja. So don't stop by my house unannounced. Ha just kidding, my wall display will totally distract from the dusty furniture and messy yard.

I always loved children and photography. So-in that order-I went for my early childhood and special education degrees first and then bought my digital camera. 

I dig everything Nikon.

I love hearing your stories. I want to know how you met the love of your life. I want to hear about your best and worst mom and dad moments? What keeps you up at night and what makes you smile?

I love telling stories with pictures! I believe the best images happen when you do what you enjoy most. Picking flowers, snuggling with your sweetheart, dancing in a water fountain. You and your loved ones, in your life, as it happens. That is what I like to capture!

So, what's your story?

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